In corporate America the “Why” is often the topic of discussions and presentations time & time again. Knowing your “Why” is the source for launching the direction of both products and business plans for billion dollar companies. In fact the book Start With Why was not only given to everyone at my last company (500 people), the author Simon Sinek visited multiple times and spoke to us on why “Why” matters.

So why would a woman who doesn’t wear much makeup decide to be a consultant for a skincare & cosmetic company? What’s my Why for advocating for Beautycounter? I mean, on most days I am just throwing on lip gloss, eyeliner and some mascara. So why would I start trumpeting my love for a whole line of products you may assume I don’t use?


Let me tell you my Why.

A few years ago, I had some major health issues. I first was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism along with Graves’ diseases, an autoimmune disorder, and then 6 months later I had exploratory surgery revealing I had DCIS, early stage breast cancer. Both triggered an awakening for me about health since neither condition was prevalent in my family.  Already actively exercising (I ran my first marathon the year prior to these diagnosis), I focused on my diet and managing stress. But I also started to take a hard look at the environment around me.  I bought an air purifier, started doing infrared saunas and I sat in salt caves. I soaked in float tanks, had acupuncture, reiki, and foot soaks. All of these things I tried in order to rid my body of chemicals and toxins.

Yet while I was actively trying to detox from the bad stuff, I was putting bad stuff right back in my system via my skin care regimen.  A friend who had just started to consult for Beautycounter (yes, one word) told me about the company and the products. I, having an overabundance of products already, didn’t pay any attention initially. But once I started having health issues, this seemed to be a no brainer. Our skin is, after all, our largest organ and while I didn’t use much makeup (I’ve ramped up now that I’m getting older), I did use cleansers, moisturizers, serums, oils, body lotions and exfoliators. I love scrubs, mud masks, and everything in-between.  And most of these products regardless of being from CVS pharmacy or the counter at Nordstrom contained chemicals that could be harmful to my body and my health.

What I didn’t realize was that the US doesn’t require cosmetic and skin care companies to follow the same strict guidelines as other areas that are managed by the FDA.  The woman who created Beautycounter, Gregg Renfrew, has chosen to develop a line that omits 1,500 chemicals that are commonly used in US cosmetics but are deemed dangerous or harmful, including parabens that disrupt hormonal functions which can often lead to breast cancer. I appreciate how this company differs in their approach to not only addressing these issues but being transparent with their end consumer.


I’m taking a step to not only clean out my cabinets and makeup bag of my old products, I want to help others to find a healthier option for themselves and their families. Even our sunscreen and shampoos are something to consider. As you may have heard, Hawaii is looking to ban certain sunscreen from their beaches. If your sunscreen is made of ingredients that are killing the coral reefs in the ocean, imagine what it’s doing to you or your children. It only takes 20 minutes for the chemicals in sunscreen to show up in your urine proving it’s quickly absorbed into your body. Beautycounter  just this year is launching a new sunscreen collection free of those key chemicals that are a concern. This gives you options that are protecting you from UVA & UVB and also are safe from harmful chemicals to your body and the environment.

Changes as simple as the products I used or the food I ate had an amazing impact on my health and my life. Only 30% of people can go off their thyroid medications and my doctors couldn’t believe in just 5 months after changing things in my life I was back to normal. I went off all medications and currently only take vitamins plus weave in other healthy options like kombucha, veggies, long dog walks, and of course wine.  Even my oncologist suggested that the changes in my life could be the reason my cancer wasn’t worse and why I recovered so quickly from surgeries. For me, it still comes down to seeking out what’s best for a healthy life.

I’m still learning.  It’s true that if you know better you do better.

My Why.  I may not be launching a huge company, but I do know my Why for Beautycounter and it’s rather easy:  For my health and to improve the health of others. I want everyone I know and love to live longer, happier, and healthier lives.

Why not?


One thought on “My WHY

  1. Thanks for sharing your story! Like you, I hardly wear makeup but I know that there are so many chemicals in the products I was using, even those that came from companies that people thought were “good” and “natural”. I am grateful to have your story to share with my friends and prospective clients.


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